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We believe that right relationship with God is found only through salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We depend fully on the work that was done by Jesus Christ through His life, death on a cross, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven. When Christ returned to Heaven the Holy Spirit was unleashed to make God’s home in those who believed. If we believe in Jesus, we are sealed in Him by the residence of the Holy Spirit in us. God is truly with us.


Our mission is to ignite hearts in response to the engaging of God, creating lives that are lived in rich relationship with Him. Our offering, both through this web site and through the mobile Verse-A-Day app, is designed to deliver truth as a launch pad that constantly works to reveal who God is – one day at a time.


Together with this web site, we offer a free mobile app entitled "Verse-A-Day". This mobile app is available through the iTunes store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android Market, the Amazon App Store for both Android and Kindle Fire, and we are currently moving towards a release for the Nook. The app offers a verse each day with additional commentary. This ministry started as a sort of "collision of interests." One of those interests is mobile application development, and the other is writing. Verse-A-Day is a product of these interests / talents coming together to share with you the message of truth that both individuals believe in; that is, the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's the best news you'll ever hear.

Brad Linard (Co-Founder / App & Site Creator)

I'm a man of 3 passions: Computers, God and Family (listed in order of discovery). Some of my earliest memories as a child entail wanting a computer. This is long before computers were commonplace in the home mind you. It wasn't until I was 14 years old that my parents decided to purchase a computer to use for my school work. It was a long wait for a kid, but well worth it. Immediately I began learning everything I could about it. Playing with all the settings, changing configurations, learning batch file programming, working in MS-DOS and Windows 3.1. I reformatted the hard drive, installed different operating systems and even started working with hardware (swapping out different sound cards, modems and video cards). Several years (and computers) later I went to college at Shippensburg University where I majored in Computer Science. It was there that I discovered software development (the act of writing/creating computer software) and I fell in love with it all over again. Today I work professionally as a Software Developer and I run a business on the side writing mobile applications (apps) for a variety of platforms.

My walk with God has been an interesting one. It began as a child where I grew up in a not overly religious home. Along the way I attended a few traditional churches occasionally with one or more of my parents. Many of the churches seemed to be geared toward the dos and don'ts of religion. They were more focused on the rules of morality and behaving properly; for a long time that's primarily what I thought God was about. I liked the idea behind them but honestly couldn't ever really make any of it stick - I found myself constantly railing against the rules, questioning the logic behind them and the purpose for them. Inevitably I'd just stop attending because of the frustration, the apparent disregard for logic and my own inability (or desire) to live up to these rules. Yet the idea of God still haunted me, I wondered if there was more to Him than what I've been seeing presented. Does He ever get involved in the world today like he supposedly did in biblical times? What of people who say they've heard God speak? It was in college that God began to answer these questions for me and when I, myself, began to see and hear from God. He revealed Himself to me first by working wonders in my life then through revelations about Himself and the world through His word (the Bible). I would say one of the most important things He revealed to me (at that time, or since) is that it's not about works. It's not about us trying to live up to a standard to make ourselves pleasing to God - but rather, it's about His power, His love and His gift to save us from the mess we're in. (Ephesians 2:8-9) For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is a gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast.

As for my family - well I couldn't have picked a better wife. She challenges me when I need challenged, comforts me when I need comforted and, above all else, is always steadfast in her commitment to me and our family. We have 3 incredible (and sometimes incredibly challenging) children together. 2 boys (Brodie and Bryton) and 1 girl (Bria) - ages 4, nearly 2 and 10 weeks (as of 2/1/2012). Despite being challenging at times, I couldn't have asked for better children either. I love them all tremendously.

Will Lane (Co-Founder / Content Administrator)

I have walked a wrestler’s road with God, constantly asking question after question; struggling with God for truth yet also hoping to integrate that truth into my life as a Christian. This kind of walk has taught me surrender and trust in God. My nature is to prefer solitude over community; something that God is graciously and continuously reminding me needs to be brought into balance.

As a kid I believed there was a God. My parents taught Sunday school at our church. I would talk to God and asked Him to bless my performance in various things daily. As I grew into adolescence I began to find my identity in 2 things: sports and dating relationships. I worked very hard to be in good standing with everyone around me, and found a great sense of worth in that. These kinds of interests dominated my interaction with God until college, when God saw fit to usher my sense of "being a good person" into the light to be shown for what it really was; a façade to keep me from knowing the truth about His Son. As long as I believed the lie that I could be "good enough" for God or work hard enough to get into Heaven, I couldn’t see Jesus for who He was. Up until that point, Jesus was only who I needed Him to be for my own purposes. The tables were about to be turned.

It was while in college that God revealed Himself to me in a way that I responded and gave my life to Christ. In utter emotional desperation and relational bankruptcy He proved faithful, as He always is. It was during this time that I started to accept that Jesus Christ was for real – and that my hope was in Him alone. Even though I deserve death a thousand times over, the power of God dissolved the walls that I built around my heart and invaded with the truth of the gospel and has covered me with the blood of Jesus Christ. I will experience gratitude forever because of His mercy.

Since that day, I have been to other countries and have seen great poverty. I went to New Orleans and the surrounding areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as ruin and devastation came almost overnight. Through those experiences I was humbled and experienced awe for a God who is real, working in our lives, and desires relationship with us. I am severely grateful that He has chosen to use me in all of these ways and now as a part of the Verse-A-Day ministry. It is my hope to be faithful to Him in that; knowing that I need Him to help my own unbelief every step of the way to live a life fully devoted to Christ. (Mark 9:24)

I was born in and have lived my entire life in the United States (PA). Since graduating college, I have worked as an IT professional, which is how I make my living today. At the age of 26 in 2004, I married my wife who reminds me of the grace of God each day. I praise God for our faith together in Christ and the gift she is in my life. We continue to live in PA with 3 daughters that capture my heart on a daily basis. I’m so very grateful to God, and proud to be their father.